Would you kindly stay forever? {I track the tag Mayor Jude}
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tomhooka asked: you sir, are the definition of awesome.

Noah, I looked up the definition and I wasn’t there. It said something else about being extremely impressive and inspiring— oh. That me.

mayor-jude asked: SaucyJr, you're up way past your bedtime. Go night nights right now.


Aww sad to see you go. Not many other swaggy heterosexual male AC blogs to follow lol! Yours was the best, not even kitten! Take care!

I enjoyed that you used a kitty pun, I’m all for kitty puns :)
And thank you, Saucyyy.

hootcrossing asked: Nice knowing you, good luck with everything!

Thanks for using my mii in your game. It makes me laugh when I see screenies of it haha. Nice knowing you too and thanks :D

featheredmayor asked: dang you're leaving? orz you were the first person I followed when I started ;~; well I'm sure you have your reasons tho. Hope you have a wonderful time doing what you're doing~ you'll be missed.

Wow that means a lot to me :) I’m glad you’ve been supporting me since I was active and all. I wish you the best!

Hai everyone. It’s been awesome getting to meet and know everyone in this fandom. I’m thankful to have been a part of it, and to make some close friends :)

I didn’t properly announce a good-bye and all, so take this as you may.
If anyone would like to keep contact, or just make a new friend in general, like/reblog this post or send me a message.
I’ll warn you in advance though, I’m not as swaggy as you’d think I am. (I’m much more!!) just kitten, I’m a loser.

[End Session]

imsoojin, pretty much :) thank you. It’s been fun here meeting new people and all. Take care of yourself too.

tulilipscrossing asked: jude! you're leaving tumblr? :/

Pretty much. Hai pretzel :)


hahahah he’s got no time for my bs


i haven’t drawn my mayor with a villager before ;o;


traveling kitten c: